Work anywhere,
anytime brings your team together so you can
collaborate and manage and track tasks on a user-friendly platform, no matter where you are.

Cooperation - everywhere

Planning appointments and timelines

Real-time updates

Gain insight into the workload

Works together everywhere and across teams   .

Centralize all communication in the context of workflows and projects. Say goodbye to meetings and endless email chains to keep distributed teams productive.

Ready anywhere in minutes   .

Start with one of our ready-made templates to get your team on board quickly. Customize the platform so that it is ready for all your requirements – without any programming.

Collaborate in real time in one place

Align new employees quickly
to success

Make sure that the first day of work for a new employee is as smooth as possible. Customize forms and offer teams an easy way to submit IT requests and track progress to ensure hassle-free delivery.

Ensure happy relationships
with your suppliers

Your organization needs to have access to deliveries at the right time, place, and price. offers you the opportunity to track demand, manage contracts, check deliveries and avoid bottlenecks.

Make sure your buildings and
rooms are in top condition makes it easier to monitor and maintain your work environment. Automate your order management, find out about maintenance requests and make sure that you use your assets correctly..

Manage your inventory and
track orders at a glance

Make sure that your orders are fulfilled on time and keep an eye on your inventory at all times. Manage inquiries, prices and order status so that nothing gets lost.

Manage the entire life cycle
of your IT projectlance

Implement new systems, coordinate requirements with stakeholders and integrate everything correctly into your current apps. Link your project progress with dependencies and ensure that your resources are used effectively.

„Thanks to the virtual work center, we can work together from anywhere in the world, whether on land or at sea.“

Richard Brilliant | SVP & Chief Audit Officer, Carnival Corporation & PLC


Stay up to date with the timeline

Use views to check the status of projects at a glance and stay up to date at every stage.


Let automation do the boring job

Don’t waste time syncing. Automation gives you more time to focus on the interesting things.


Stay informed from anywhere

Get an overview and make smarter decisions faster.

Integration with your favorite tools

More than one tool is needed to manage a distributed team. We know this. We have over 50 integrations for your favorite apps so you can create the ideal workflow.

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Get a head start with ready-to-use templates

Company update

Team time log

Corporate calendar

Sync meeting summaries

Daily team tasks

Minutes for personal meetings

My tasks

Inquiries from remote teams

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Knowledge library

Resource center

Employee onboarding

Collaborate effectively with your distributed team